Logo: Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries


The Living Room Ministry is pleased to announce that, as of August 5th, it has merged with Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries (Sanctuary). Sanctuary is an organization that prepares people of faith to support mental health recovery within their church communities.

This process of change has been both an exciting and challenging one for Living Room as well as Sanctuary. Living Room is grateful to Sanctuary for taking the operating of Global Living Room (overseeing new and existing Living Room groups) under its wings. We pray that God will bless them as they take the reins.

If you would like to receive the Sanctuary newsletter, you can subscribe by sending an email with the subject "subscribe" to: contacts.sanctuary@gmail.com

For inquiries about starting a Living Room please email: livingroom@sanctuary-ministries.com

Existing Living Room groups will continue as usual in The Hoxton Williamsburg